Post Lockdown Church

Church has certainty being a challenge with all the COVID restrictions, but thankfully some normality has returned with over half the Church now gathering in person and the others remaining online. All our services since COVID began have been lived streamed and can be viewed on our Facebook page or Youtube channel.

Manado Compassion Field Trip

Abby and I just spent a week in Indonesia visiting compassion projects and our sponsor children.

I was blown away by the impact of sponsoring children and by the huge investment (in time & resources) the local Churches make in running these programs. Sponsoring children through compassion really makes a difference and I encourage everyone who is able to at least sponsor one child.

Part of our trip included sight seeing with the team.

And some time in Singapore

Stockton – 9 Months on

Breezekidz (summer club), Breezekidz (primary), Walk-n-talk, Alpha, mainly music, Breezekidz (creche), 10AM Band and several home groups are just some of the ministries that have been established so far this year at St Paul’s. I am so thankful to so many people for investing their time, skills and money on ministry here. There is much to do and much to plan with an evening Carrolls service, Gingerbread house making and the 2019 Summer Club events fast approaching.

As always, blog updates will be slow to our personal page with most attention going to the Church website and our facebook page. Please keep an eye on those for changes and developments as we continue to invest in the Body of Christ. What a blessing it is!

Stockton – 3 Months on

We can not believe how wonderful Stockton is. The sea breezes, almost no traffic, the beach, river, pool, break wall, walking paths and so much more.

But, none of this compares to seeing God at work in this community. So much has happened in just 3 months, with 2/3rds of what we are praying for in 2018 having already happened! I am starting to wonder if the 5 year plan will end up the 12 month plan.