Sapphire Beach Holiday Park

Here we are again, planning just one night to do some last minute van repairs and found this gem of a place. Now we are booked for 4 nights!!! Kids are loving the pool, the games room and the sound of the beach is fantastic. Site 190 is the winner!

Coffs Harbour

Quick stop in Coffs to get a gazebo and some recovery gear. We couldn’t pull out the kitchen because the slab was really high and the stay wouldn’t fit so dinner out was the go. We went to the Greenhouse Tavern and wow it was the worst meal I think I have ever had! Same for Ally… Coffs is so underwhelming in every way when it comes to service.

Scott’s Head Coming to a close

1 night turned into 2 nights turned into 4 nights. We have met some really nice people and will be back for sure. Paul, Erin and the 5 kids from Moree are just lovely, I hope we get to do ministry with them in the future.

Scott’s Head, God at work?

Coincidence or God at work? I say the latter as we found this place in response to a last minute text message from a friend. Everywhere was booked out and we were facing a truck stop when the message from Linda Weedon Came through. Now we are here for 4 days, so far we have meet some great Christian friends, enjoyed the beach and a concert here in the park on new year’s eve.

First Night in the MDC

Setup did not go easy and as a result the kids ended up in bed around 11pm! Firstly the break didn’t hold and needed to be adjusted, the mosquitoes almost carried us away and it stormed and rained!! well glad we have a caravan now that’s for sure.